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16 Rue du Buisson Saint-Louis
Paris, France, 75010


Paris Local Tours is a company founded by the love of storytelling, history, people, and of course, Paris. Our guided tours around the city of lights are given in a friendly manner and we put a lot of heart into what we do.



About Me

My name is Sebastian. I came to this city for the first time seven years ago and I've been enamoured ever since. This company I'm founding, I'm doing it for the love of storytelling, history, people, and of course, Paris. It's been five years since I came here from Mexico and I've been enamoured by this city ever since. 

Sacha Guitry once said that a Parisian is not he who was born in Paris, but reborn in Paris. Discovering this town has taught made me to discover myself. Throughout my time here, I have studied drama and worked as a tour guide for the Bateaux Parisiens (the boats around the Seine) where I dove deep into the history of Paris. My motivation for starting this company was to build a platform where I can express myself fully and freely. Focusing only in the stories that I like the most, and in the locations of my choice. Using the skillset that I've developed over time to transmit the passion for the places where I choose to take you.